Semi-precious onyx is a natural stone that can be found in Africa, South America and Middle East. It is composed of bands of chalcedony in alternating colors. Its final color can be either elegant and delicate e.g. white, yellow, beige or vivid e.g. brown, purple, green or black. The exact shade depends on the amount of iron that could be found in the hot spring where the crystallization process occurred.


Below we present ideas how semi-precious onyx can be used at your home:

Illuminated elements

Onyx properties such as semi-translucence enable to combine natural stone with light and create an illuminated installation. It applies either to wall panels, worktops or other surfaces. No matter what element you choose, onyx illumination will certainly make your interior look very original and unique.

Onyx table tops

Since semi-precious onyx is more fragile than granite or quartz it is not recommended as a material for kitchen worktops or any other elements which are exposed to invasive substances such as coffee, fruit etc. However, it will look great as a table top or a bathroom vanity top.

Onyx sink

If you want to add something really unique to your bathroom, onyx sink is a very interesting alternative to all the washbasins available at DYI stores. It will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and make it look stunning.



Onyx, just like other natural stones, has to be maintained properly. That is why you should beware of cleaning products based on chemicals and choose a product based on wax or silicones.


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