Would you like to enhance the style of your house by adding natural stone elements? If your answer to this question is ‘yes’, you obviously need professional stone fitters that will help you make your dream come true.

Marble Bros offers you not only various types of natural stones and man-made composites such as marble, granite, quartz or onyx but also professional stone fitting services. Our marble fitters will decorate walls, lay floor or fit the stone in any way that reflects your preferences. The only limit is your imagination.

After we estimate the value of your project and take measurements of the surfaces you want to cover with a particular material, our team of stone fitters will arrive at the location to turn your vision into reality.  With our professional equipment we are able to create various edge profiles (either simple or complicated designs) including mitering. Our main aim is to achieve the best final result.

Apart from the projects related to house furnishing, our stone fitters offer stone renovation services. We repair and refurbish old and damaged stone works to restore their original look.

At any stage of our cooperation we offer you our ideas and advice regarding the project. Our marble fitters will provide you with useful information related to the type of stone that can be chosen for a particular area and the way it should be adjusted to the shape of the surface.

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