Our Stone

We want to give our clients the best results we can so we use only the highest quality marble, granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, onyx or quartz from the world’s best quarries. Such is the quality of the materials we source, whatever our clients want to create, however extraordinary, we’re confident we can find the very best stone to help them achieve their vision. The only limit is imagination.


The most popular natural stone to feature among our clients is marble. As well as being classically beautiful, highly durable and extremely practical, it combines well with other materials, such as glass, wood and metal. Its natural beauty is timeless and it is capable of adding that element of luxury to even the most modern approaches to interior design. There is no better way to make a space more opulent. And because marble is a natural stone, every slab is unique. The colour and vein variations are dependent on where the stone is sourced. So, no matter what marble a client chooses, the units, floors and walls will always be one of a kind.

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Hand picked & cut

We hand-pick and cut the very best Italian marble from Carrera, Italy. We use our knowledge, expertise and experience to identify the best quarries and most sought-after stone anywhere in the world.

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Marble flooring

A marble floor adds elegance and beauty to an interior while being durable and easy to clean. It can withstand constant use for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Marble floors have been the choice of the rich and powerful for thousands of years. They have always been associated with luxury and wealth due to the unique structure of each slab. The colours, veins and swirls have a timeless attractiveness that never fades.

Above all, marble flooring is classically beautiful, it enhances any room and impresses any visitor.

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Beautiful natural granite

Granite is among the most popular choices for kitchen worktops – and there’s a very good reason for this. It’s a superb option. Granite’s natural density combines durability and attractiveness with a natural resistance to external factors. As a natural, hand-cut stone, no two worktops are ever quite the same and its natural colours and patterns make it an impressive feature for kitchens.

The price of granite varies according to colour and the complexity of the shapes needed. This means that it’s easy to select one that fits the surrounding designs and furnishings. Additionally, impregnating sealants make granite even hardier and more stain resistant for up to 15 years.

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Semi-precious onyx

Semi-precious onyx is a natural stone found in Africa, South America and the Middle East. Its unparalleled beauty comes from the bands of chalcedony in alternating colours that comprise it. These colours (from delicate whites, yellows and beiges to vivid browns, purples, greens and blacks) depend upon the amount of iron in the hot springs where the crystallisation occurs.

With varying degrees of translucence, onyx can make an illuminated design when positioned in front of a light source, natural or otherwise. Tabletops, wall panels, worktops or other surfaces can take on a life of their own, making an interior that really stands out.

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Unrivalled quartz

Quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth, as well as an extremely beautiful one, which makes it a superb alternative for kitchen worktops. It can’t be scratched or damaged easily, and it’s resistant to the kinds of everyday substances that can cause stains, such as coffee, juices and other foodstuffs. Its non-porous, sealed surface makes cleaning easy and effective.

Naturally white or transparent, quartz is similar to granite in terms of strength, but it can change colour in direct sunlight because of impurities during its formation. Man-made quartz allows for a greater variety of shades so we can fit a quartz worktop to complement almost any kitchen’s design and furnishings.

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